‘Worst’ supermarket in the UK for deals and savings named

The UK’s “worst” supermarket for deals, savings and overall pricing has been revealed.

Online supermarket Britsuperstore has analysed Trustpilot reviews to find out which supermarket is the worst according to customers. The company took into account the number of negative reviews for 10 of the most popular UK supermarkets since January 2022.

The study revealed that, while Aldi came in 10th place with 77.17% ‘negative’ Trustpilot reviews from customers, it was Morrisons which claimed the number one spot as the “worst” supermarket with a total of 97.56% ‘negative’ reviews. The Co-op was closely behind in second with 96.67%, Asda third with 96.21 and M&S fourth with 96.15%.

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Lidl is fifth with 91.12% ‘negative’ reviews, Sainsbury’s is sixth with 88.57% and Waitrose is seventh with 87.95%. Claiming the eighth spot is Iceland with 87.5% and Tesco is ninth with 81.67%.

The research also highlighted that the most complained about supermarket issue is “money”, with 52% of negative reviews across all UK supermarkets referencing this. “Price Increase” was the second most mentioned with 19%, and “expensiveness” third with 15%.

Britsuperstore director Richard Price has shared his tips on how to save money when doing your shopping. He explained: “Online shopping is usually an easier, more time-conscious, and cheaper method of shopping. Below are a few examples of why you should prioritise online shopping to help you get the best deals and savings on your next supermarket shop.

“Shopping online limits impulse buys – while supermarkets will highlight on offer products on their website, the consumer isn’t bombarded with the offer like they are when in-store, which makes it easier to resist.

“Online shopping promotes competitive pricing & price comparisons – online supermarkets will compete for your custom, making it cheaper to shop online rather than in-store. To do this, they offer highly competitive prices against each other with online-only discounts. Make sure to browse multiple sites for the best deals before ordering your online shop.

“Online shopping is easier with more options – online food shopping provides the opportunity to find more products and deals that cater to a broad range of customers. In a nutshell, online shopping is easier and much more time conscious.

“Plan in advance to avoid high delivery costs – when shopping at an online supermarket you can choose your delivery day and time to suit your circumstance. Delivery options are also much cheaper than traveling to a store if you live further away. However, often, delivery comes at an additional price. The delivery prices can vary, depending on when you want your delivery to arrive so make sure you plan ahead and book a free slot that aligns with when you require your food shop.

“Use discount codes – codes are extremely helpful for ensuring you get the best possible price for your weekly shop. It’s a wise idea to find a discount code before you begin your online food shopping from reputable websites as these can range from a percentage off your shop to buy-one-get-one-free offers.”

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