Woman transforms kitchen with items from B&Q, Poundland & Wilko

A woman completely transformed the look of her kitchen after buying bargains from B&Q, Poundland and Wilko.

Freya Farrington, 29, hated the style of the kitchen after moving into an Edwardian house with her partner Tom last October.

The couple have a big house renovation planned so Freya decided to first improve the spaces they would be living out of.

The YouTuber and social media influencer told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “I didn’t like the existing style in the kitchen so I wanted to blast the walls white and change the floors so it felt cleaner, lighter and more like home. With it being a temporary fix until we save to extend and build our new kitchen at the other side of the house, we wanted to do this very much on a budget.”

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Freya set about sourcing bargains from Wilko, Poundland and B&Q. She said: “For the white walls I got Leyland Matt White paint, which was on offer at B&Q so I got two big tubs for £20.

“Instead of replacing the knobs on the drawers and cabinets, we decided to keep them and spray paint them black using a £5 can from Wilko.

“For the flooring we used a neutral cheap vinyl from a place called Warehouse Carpets on the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate in Nelson. They often sell off-cuts of carpet for heavily discounted prices. We got this flooring for a bulk price of £600 to cover the three rooms we lived out of downstairs, including the kitchen.

“For the worktop and splashbacks, I used marble vinyl d-c-fix from B&Q which cost £10 a roll. I bought three altogether.

“The cupboards were painted with quick dry furniture and cupboard paint from Wilko in an ivory shade. They cost £10 per tub and I used two of them.”

Freya Farrington transformed her kitchen using bargains from B&Q, Wilko and Poundland
Freya Farrington’s kitchen before the transformation
(Image: Latestdeals.co.uk)

Other supplies Freya sourced included a £5 Wilko radiator spray paint, Wilko primer undercoat paint for £9, a Poundland mini roller set for £1, a Poundland grout pen for £1 and a Poundland knife set for £1 for cutting the d-c-fix to size. She also initially painted her tiles using GoodHome Durable Arica Satin Multi-surface paint for £34 from B&Q.

To begin the transformation, Freya first took off a door leading into the living room to open up the space, before painting over the top of the wallpaper.

Freya used the Leyland Matt White emulsion, spraying it onto the walls and applying Polycell quick drying Polyfilla to fill in gaps.

Freya Farrington transformed her kitchen using bargains from B&Q, Wilko and Poundland
Freya Farrington’s transformed kitchen
(Image: Latestdeals.co.uk)

Then came the cabinet handles. Freya said: “I used a screwdriver to remove them all and instead of replacing the handles I stayed on a budget and spray painted the ones we already had. I picked up a spray paint for just a couple of pounds, super cheap – much cheaper than if I were to buy all brand new handles.”

To transform the cabinets, Freya applied Wilko ready to use sugar soap for £2.50 before applying the primer. She said: “I discovered it wasn’t necessary to put primer on them, so I didn’t apply it thoroughly and didn’t even do all of the cabinets in the end.”

Freya then gave the cabinets two coats of paint with a large roller and small paintbrush. She then painted the tiles grey and the door black, which she said “really makes it stand out”.

Once dry, Freya screwed the cabinet handles back on with an electric screwdriver, then it was time to revamp the floor. Freya said: “It was previously vinyl, which we decided to switch out for a grey concrete effect to go with the neutral element.

Freya Farrington transformed her kitchen using bargains from B&Q, Wilko and Poundland
The kitchen floor
(Image: Latestdeals.co.uk)

‘We had professionals apply the flooring, but sticking on a budget they just went over the top of what was already there. We did this to save on labour time, but also because we had no idea what they could end up pulling up. Now it’s done, it’s quite the transformation!”

To revamp the worktops, Freya scrubbed them down with sugar soap then applied a lighter d-c-fix than the one she originally purchased. She added: “Filling in the tiles with the grout pen didn’t work, so we decided to go for the marble worktops with marble splashbacks.

“I switched out the original marble d-c-fix with a lighter shade, as the one I got before was quite a dark pattern. I got four rolls at the same price per roll as before, so that the splashbacks could be done too.’

Freya said: “If I could do it again, I would have filled in or levelled out the tiles so that the marble sticker applied easier. In person and close up, the splashbacks are far from the perfect finish. However, it’s done really well since we first applied it so I’d definitely recommend it if you’re on a budget!”

Freya Farrington transformed her kitchen using bargains from B&Q, Wilko and Poundland
The finished product
(Image: Latestdeals.co.uk)

Freya’s estimated total cost for the transformation is £458.50. She shares the latest on her renovation projects on her YouTube and Instagram profiles.

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said: “Freya has done a great job transforming her kitchen on a budget. Wilko, B&Q and Poundland are some of the best shops for finding bargain supplies.

“More and more people are starting to use d-c-fixes on their kitchen worktops. It’s a cheap and quick solution which can be done in an evening without having to pay for a professional – result!”

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