Woman transforms kitchen after spending £40 in Poundland

A woman has completely transformed the look of her kitchen after spending £40 at Poundland.

Amy Trivett, who rents her home, wanted to revamp the room without a great deal of expense.

A professional tiling job can take time and money, with the need for grout, adhesives and labour to remove the old tiles and set new ones.

But Amy found a cheaper and quicker alternative, after seeing people discussing tile stickers on a Poundland Facebook group.

Speaking about her DIY project, the 39-year-old told LatestDeals.co.uk: “The area really needed updating. The old tiles and dated look was really making me feel down.”

It cost Amy £40 to buy enough stickers to cover the whole kitchen. She said: “Such a cheaper alternative to replacement of the tiles.

“Our kitchen is painted blue anyway but also it was down to what was available at my local Poundland.”

As well as saving her money, Amy had her new look kitchen completed in less than half a day. She said: “It didn’t really take that long. So easy to do. I would say about 3 hours tops.

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“First thing I did was to wash the tile area and make sure it was thoroughly dried with a tea towel. I then proceeded to stick the tile stickers onto the old tiles. It’s a simple peel-off backing and because of the design, it was easy to cut around plug points.

“The main challenge was getting the tile stickers lined up and placing them in hard to reach areas behind the sink.

Amy Trivett transformed the look of her kitchen with tile stickers from Poundland
Amy Trivett transformed the look of her kitchen with tile stickers from Poundland
(Image: Latestdeals.co.uk)

“Also our house doesn’t appear to be straight! The wall sloped down and I found that there was a differently sized gap to the bottom than when I started. Luckily I managed to also get some filler and some silicone to go around the edges from Poundland too.

“Redoing the tiles has given a lot more light in the kitchen and in turn has lifted my mood considerably.”

Tom Church, co-founder of Latestdeals.co.uk, said: “Amy’s kitchen looks much brighter and modern after this simple and cost-effective transformation.

“Tile stickers are a great way to improve the look of a room on a budget, or if you’re renting and can’t make major changes without the landlord’s permission.

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“If you’ve been inspired to try it yourself, make sure you clean and dry your existing tiles thoroughly before getting started.

“It’s also important to keep the stickers lined up – nobody wants to step back to examine their handiwork, only to discover they’ve made a wonky line across their wall!

“I recommend sticking a ruler to the wall with blu-tack to guide your progress if you have a large area to cover.”

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