Woman tells ‘huge lie’ to scare mother in law after she dropped her baby

A mum was left furious when her mother-in-law dropped her newborn baby on his head leaving him needing hospital treatment.

The three-month-old baby was in the care of his mother-in-law when the incident occurred, who infuriated the baby’s mum by showing no concern about the child’s welfare following the incident.

The lack of remorse prompted the mum to fabricate a lie about the severity of the baby’s injuries, in an attempt to gain an apology from her mother-in-law. However, the decision has caused a rift in the family, reports the Mirror.

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The mum took to Reddit forum ‘Am I The A**hole?’, where users share stories to gain opinions on who is in the wrong.

She explained that her mother-in-law has a very laidback mentality, but she never expected it that attitude to be extended to the safety of a newborn baby.

Explaining the scenario, the mum wrote: “About a week and a half ago while she was babysitting, I got a call from her saying my son had a bit of a tumble.

“I heard my son screaming in the background and my instincts said something was extremely wrong, so I said to get off the phone with me and call an ambulance, then call me back and tell me what happened once the ambulance was on the way.

“She started handwaving it with ‘I don’t think we need to bother with an ambulance, babies are tougher than they look you know, basically made of rubber.'”

At first, the mother-in-law dismissed the baby’s injuries, stating he just had “a bit of a scrape a bruise”, but the mum continued to push for further details and it was eventually revealed that the injuries were on the child’s head. Furious at the revelation of the head injuries, the mum hung up and immediately called an ambulance.

She explained the full details, writing: “It turns out she not only dropped my son, she dropped him while walking down the stairs, so he fell onto the second from bottom step and hit his head on the third from bottom step.

“She then wasted time calling her son, who told her she should probably call me or my husband.”

The mother-in-law remained unconcerned at the hospital, continuing to dismiss the severity of the situation, which led to the mum to eventually tell her leave. Doctors informed the mum that while the baby was going to be okay, he had suffered a minor skull fracture.

The woman rang her mother-in-law to inform her, to which she answered the phone with: “What did I tell you, he’s fine, isn’t he?”

The remark infuriated the mum further, and she decided to lie to her mother-in-law about the baby’s condition, saying that doctors were uncertain whether he would survive. It was only after telling the lie that the mother-in-law began to show remorse, and apologised to the mum.

“My husband’s father and grandmother are really mad, they think it was a dirty trick to lie to an old lady about her grandson’s injury, but my husband and I maintain that she deserved to feel bad about what happened to my son, and she obviously wasn’t until she thought his life was in danger,” she wrote.

“I for one will never let her near my son again, but I hope she’ll now be more careful about the safety of any other children she has care over.”

Reddit users were quick to comment their thoughts on the situation, with many sharing the mother’s outrage at the situation.


“My heart stopped when I read that. That is TERRIFYING. If it was me, that woman would never, ever, ever be forgiven for that, and my children would never be anywhere near her again.”

Another agreed, commenting: “You handled this better than most people, don’t feel guilty about the lesson you gave to grandma. It was petty but I hope it opened her eyes about what could have happen.

“In the meantime, even tho you already know that, don’t let her near your kid alone.”

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