Superdrug’s £15 ‘miracle in a pot’ anti-ageing cream works like Botox

Superdrug shoppers have heaped praise on a £15 cream which works like botox.

The Superdrug Optimum Collagen Night Face Cream, which is priced at £14.99, has left one woman being asked if she’d been under the needle to achieve her youthful look. The cream works to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles in a matter of weeks.

The Optimum Collagen Night cream is specially formulated to deliver maximum hydration and to target the signs of ageing while you sleep. It’s formulated with a combination of a powerful peptide and minerals known to help skin to boost its own collagen production, and ingredients that help plump the skin for a firmer and youthful looking glow, reports the MEN.

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The cream has received a number of five star reviews on the Superdrug website. One person said: “This cream is a miracle in a pot. After a few nights’ use I noticed a marked improvement in my skin’s hydration levels. After a month my fine lines are barely noticeable, and some deep frown lines have actually disappeared.

“People have asked me if I had Botox. (Certainly not!). I have never achieved results like this with any other product, expensive or otherwise.”

Other customers have also attested to the previously sold-out cream’s results, too, with many saying it’s better than high-end products. One person wrote: “I have tried a lot of ‘expensive’ creams and this product has been better than all of them. It leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated, it’s honestly like a miracle cream. Calms the skin if you’re using retinol products.”

Another added: “I thought I would give this a go and have been using this collagen night cream for around two weeks now and I can definitely feel the difference in my skin. A little goes a long way, it’s not a thick consistency nor is it too runny, I’ve noticed my skin feels a lot plumper and very soft. I would definitely recommend it.

“It works just as well and in a few cases better than some more expensive night creams which I have tried! For the price, as I brought it on offer it was definitely worth trying and I’m so glad I did!”

Despite having more than 40 five star reviews, some shoppers also left one star reviews. Some have complained about it not being particularly ‘rich’, saying they ‘prefer something more substantial’, while one shopper said: “I’m afraid that while the cream is not bad, I don’t like its smell! Sorry.”

Superdrug claims the night cream instantly nourishes skin, and within two weeks, it appears ‘smoother and more radiant’. But the best results are seen after four weeks of use, where the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin feels firmer.

The cream is priced at £14.99. You can buy it online here.

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