Primark shopper catches pregnant woman who fainted in queue

A kind stranger rushed to the aid of a pregnant woman who fainted while queuing up in Primark.

Alisha Toulson was waiting to pay for her shopping at the store in Liscard on Tuesday when she started to feel lightheaded.

The 23-year-old, who is six months pregnant, said she turned to her mum Vicky and said “mum I don’t feel well” before falling into the make-up stand.

Vicky managed to hold Alisha up until another customer came over and got down on one knee to help her.

Alisha told the ECHO: “My mum was telling me to lean on her but my mum is tiny, she’s only short, if I put my full weight on her I would have squashed her and took her down with me.

“A woman behind us got down on one knee and said ‘if you need to sit down use my knee it’s fine. Don’t worry about me I’ve got you.’

“She was asking what do I need – do I need water? Do I need an inhaler?

“She let me sit on me knee and took my coat off and then the manager I think it was, he saw what was going on and he came over and asked ‘is everything okay?'”

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Alisha said the staff in the store were quick to help her and got a chair that she could sit on out of the way of other customers while she regained consciousness.

She is now hoping to find the woman who came to her aid to thank her for her kindness.

Alisha said: “It shocked me, I know there’s good people in the community but I thought with the pandemic being around people would still be a bit wary.

“If it wasn’t for that lady I think things would have been a lot worse. I couldn’t hold my own weight up.

“I want to try and find her to thank her and buy her some flowers or something.”

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