Nurse returns from night shift to find her bedroom flooded

A Liverpool nurse said she returned from a night shift to find water pouring into her bedroom after the city was battered with heavy rain.

Michaela Sparke-Kvisth, an NHS key worker, came home to find leaks in her apartment in Dale Street’s Princes Building had worsened during heavy rain last week, resulting in water coming through parts of the ceiling.

Ms Sparke-Kvisth said she had to throw out bed sheets and other items after they were soaked with dirty water.

She said she had been complaining to Momentum, the company which manages the building, as well as her letting agents, since 2019 about problems associated with damp and leaks.

However, she said that while some problems had been addressed, others went unfixed, leading to the flooding in her £600 a month home.

Momentum today told the ECHO they would be resolving the issue “early next week”.

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Ms Sparke-Kvisth said the problems had caused a level of stress and worry that was “extremely difficult to deal with” in addition to working as a nurse during a pandemic.

She said: “The stress of it is immense. Everyone is working hard at the moment, obviously and I chose this apartment because I wanted to make sure I had somewhere nice to come back to.

“I came in and there was water everywhere. I had to throw all my bedding out, I had to clean water off the floor. This was after a long shift.”

Ms Sparke-Kvisth said that problems with damp and leaks at the apartment had first arisen in July 2019, a few months after she moved in.

Michaela Sparke-Kvisth returned to her home in Dale Street’s Princes Building to find her bedroom covered in water.
(Image: Michaela Sparke-Kvisth)

She said that problem was not addressed but seemed to go away for a number of months before returning, with an increasing severity of damp.

While she said Momentum staff had been sympathetic and promised to try to tackle the issue, it continued to happen and went unfixed before the significantly worse flooding last week.

Ms Sparke-Kvisth said: “They did send someone out afterwards but I feel like I still don’t know that it’s going to be fixed.”

Karl Clawley, Associate Director of The Momentum Group said Momentum were aware of the issue and were working to fix it.

He said: “After recent heavy rainfall, we were made aware of the problem, met by Ms Sparke-Kvisth and reacted quickly to locate and solve the defect on her behalf.

“This has now been located and will be resolved early next week.”

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