Mystery of ‘Baby Michael’ gravestone found buried on the beach

Mystery of 'Baby Michael' gravestone found buried on the beach

The gravestone of a tiny baby was unearthed on Crosby Beach by a dog walker over the weekend.

Liz Robinson was walking at the beauty spot with her husband and dog on Sunday evening when they came across a large stone memorial.

The 56-year-old, from Bootle, was around a mile from the lifeboat station on a part of the beach known locally as “brick beach” when she spotted the stone.

It said: ” In loving memory of Baby Michael, who died September 6 1938, aged nine months.”

Speaking to the ECHO, Liz said: “We were walking at Crosby Beach on Sunday evening and we got down to brick beach and I was having a look through the rubble.

“There’s loads of huge bricks and parts of buildings that were moved from Liverpool after the blitz and used to build a sea defence on the beach.

“I’ve been down there a few times and you can try to work out where things had come from but I have never seen a gravestone.”

Liz said that when she looked at the stone she could see it was from over 80 years ago but said the writing hadn’t be damaged at all.

She added: “It was all in perfect condition and the writing hadn’t been distorted at all.

“It has been really well preserved so I would love to know how long it has been there and where it came from.

“I have been trying to search on Google for any details that could help identify the story behind it so it could be taken back to where it is supposed to be.

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“St Luke’s was obviously badly hit during the bombings which could account for some of the rubble on the beach but I don’t know if the cemtery was affected.”

The 82nd anniversary of the child’s death will be in the next three weeks and Liz is keen to find out more details before then.

She said: “It would be nice to maybe track down some family or even find out the details of where the gravestone came from before the anniversary next month.

“I just don’t like the thought of it lying there when it should be in place for generations of family to know about.”

If you have any detail or information about this gravestone please email

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