Mum’s reaction ‘took guts’ after son was caught abusing shop staff

Mum's reaction 'took guts' after son was caught abusing shop staff

A “proper mum” who punished her son for abusing shop staff has been praised as her actions “took guts”.

The woman made thousands aware of what she did after seeing him being shamed on a Wirral Facebook group.

In the original post, the young boy was accused of “terrorising” staff at the Cards & Party shop in West Kirby by swearing and throwing stock into the street.

After seeing her child in a picture alongside a number of other boys, the mum made people aware that she had marched her son back to the store and made him apologise.

She also said he would be appropriately punished for the behaviour, actions which have won her the respect of people across Merseyside.

ECHO readers also praised the mum and said that her actions will keep him on the “right path” and other parents should learn from her.

Maureen Oldham said: “What a wonderful mum. She not only punished her son but took him to apologise to the ladies concerned.

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“That takes guts. I know because I did similar many years ago.”

Marlene Deegan also said: “She is what you call a proper mum. Cares what her son does, need a few more like her.”

Pat Mawdsley added: “A massive well done. You done the right thing. Hope the other boys mother does the same.”

The reactions came after the mum commented on the original post claiming responsibility for her son.

She said: “Following on from the lady’s post about the boys being disrespectful, rude and threatening to shop workers in West Kirby yesterday.

“Well one of them in that picture was my son, to say I’m mortified, ashamed and angry is an understatement and regardless of the comments made on there, I do care about what my son is up to and where he is! He is not being raised like that!

“I have just been up to the shop with my son but unfortunately the two ladies were not working today, we spoke to another two ladies who very kindly said they would pass our apologies on!

“I DO NOT condone this behaviour in any shape or form and my son is going to deal with the consequences and will not be going out for a very long time.

“I apologise for any who had to watch this disgusting behaviour and a thank you to the lady who posted that picture so I was able to deal with this”.

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Many also commented to say how lucky the boy was to have her as a mum.

Sheila McClure said: “Well done. This boy is very lucky to have you as parent before he goes down the wrong road.

“I salute you.”

Jayne Archer also said: “What a wonderful person to do this. This lady was an example of a good mother well done.”

Jan Johnson added: “Well done to his mum, helping your son to go down the right path in life. Full credit to you.”

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