M&S shoppers argue over ‘waste of money’ edible flowers

Marks & Spencer shoppers have been left divided after spotting its new edible flowers online.

The high street retailer has been making headlines in recent months thanks to the Colin v Cuthbert debate.

Now, its shoppers have been caught up in an argument on social media after seeing the retailer’s Edible Viola Flowers.

Facebook page NewfoodsUK shared a photo of the product this week and immediately got shoppers talking.

While some shoppers praised the bright, edible flowers and said they couldn’t wait to add them to their summer cocktails, others couldn’t understand the fascination.

Beneath the post, which received hundreds of likes and comments, one shopper said: “These are so pretty on a cake for decor & eating or through a salad”.

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Another wrote: “Aren’t they beautiful” and a third said: “Perfect for cocktails”.

A fourth added: “Love need for cocktails”.

Others, however, claimed that “flowers are for the garden” and that the product is a “waste of money”.

One shopper said: “No flowers are for the garden not eating” and a second added: “But why? Why would you do that? Why would you do any of that?”.

A third wrote: “Look much nicer in the garden,and they have little flavour so waste of money”.

A fourth said: “Just why, why would you eat flowers, I’m still confused why people eat cress, its glorified grass ffs.”

One person just added: “This is the most M&S thing I’ve ever seen”.

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