‘Load of rubbish’ Asda shoppers can’t understand new £6 item

Asda has released a giant chocolate eclair for Christmas but some shoppers aren’t impressed with the supersize treat.

The supermarket has created a foot long eclair that costs £6 and is available to buy from Monday.

The eclair, which weighs in at just under half a kilo, is made of choux pastry and filled with chocolate mousse and caramel flavoured sauce. It’s topped with chocolate fondant, caramel flavour fudge icing and gold coloured sweet dusting.

While shoppers are excited at the thought of trying it, there’s one thing people just can’t seem to understand – and that’s Asda’s serving suggestion.

The supermarket has labelled the eclair as being a dessert that “serves 10” and shoppers who have seen a picture of the eclair on social media have all been saying the same thing.

On the Facebook group One Pound Sweets, one said: “A load of rubbish that wouldn’t feed my lot”.

Another agreed: “feeds 10! Feeds 10 of my daily different moods more like!”

A third said: “I could probably eat it all”.

And another said: “I would eat that all to myself no sharing”.

Other desserts Asda shoppers can buy this Christmas include a Gingerbread Cheesecake for £2, Chocolate Orange Torte for £8, a Vegan Christmas Cottage for £3 and a Baileys Yule Log for £5.

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