Liverpool divides over whether Rule of Six will ruin Christmas

From Tuesday Liverpool will be under local lockdown restrictions and with Christmas now less than 100 days away it’s got people thinking about what will happen over the festive season.

After the last year and all the changes we’ve had to make to the way we live due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s inevitable that this Christmas was always going to be a bit different than usual.

It’s expected that there will be fewer events this year and those that do take place will have social distancing measures in place to help stop the spread of the virus.

Last week, the government tightened restrictions across the country by introducing the ‘rule of six’ after a surge in Covid-19 cases. The new law means anyone meeting friends or family in groups of six or more – unless they all live together – may be given a £100 fine.

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With that in mind we asked people on our Christmas in Liverpool Facebook group, if the rule would ruin the festive season, should it still remain in place and people were quick to have their say.

Imelda Eaves said the restrictions would ruin it for her: “My daughter and her family come to stay with me for christmas but they won’t be able to this year. We were all going to Butlins this year but we’ve already had to cancel that.”

But many people said that although they may have to change plans, it won’t spoil things. Jan McColgan said: “Christmas is only a day so if we have to phase celebrations, so be it. Health and safety far more important”.

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Krystelle Moorcroft said: “It is what it is. We can all video call and do games that way”. And Hayley Delaney added: “It will be different for us but we wouldn’t let it ruin our Christmas. We were supposed to go to Lapland for Christmas so that’s disappointing but we will still make it special.”

Julia Gibson New said: “So long as the family is happy healthy and safe what else matters?” And Debbie Taylor added: “It won’t be our usual Christmas day but will still make it special”

While Rachel Thomas said: “It will change it not ruin it. Will just be celebrated on smaller scale.”

Others don’t think everyone will stick to the rules. Cathy Moonan said: “Think a lot of people will ignore it, and pay the fine”. And Angela Mullen added: “I can’t see people complying to it personally.”

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Some people said they would openly defy the law, which is to be enforced with fines of up to £3,200.

Sarah Jones said: “No because I won’t be following the stupid rule and will still be spending it with ALL my family. In-laws for Christmas lunch and evening party with my family.

“It’s funny how covid can’t get you in a pub or shopping or the theme park but it can get you in your own home with your own family.”

And Samantha Lea Merrill added: “No,I don’t see why I should follow that rule, when I get packed public transport every day, with people I don’t know, then work in retail, where I don’t have to wear a mask, and mingle with hundreds of different people every day.”

Do you think the rule of six will ruin this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below

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