I tried a £15 Philip Kingsley hair mask that made my damaged hair ‘feel like silk’

It can be so difficult to keep on top of your hair, especially if it’s suffered a lot of bleach damage like mine.

I absolutely love having blonde hair, but it often comes at a price. I’ve suffered with breakage for years, and after switching from harsh scalp bleaches to foils I’ve already seen a drastic difference in the quality of my hair – for the better.

As a regular Olaplex user, I’ve been on the hunt for something a little different to help repair the bonds of my hair. I’ve got nothing particularly against Olaplex, but I just wanted to see if there were any different hair masks available that do the same job.

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After treating myself to the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar over Christmas, I was thrilled to see a few Philip Kingsley products behind some of the doors. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme Rich Deep-Conditioning Treatment has received plenty of glowing reviews from shoppers, praising the mask for making your hair feel ‘amazing’.

I suffer with extremely dry hair, so I was after anything that could add some much needed nourishment to my locks. The mask is said to provide ‘intense hydration’ and from that description alone, I was sold.

The full product description reads: “Nourish extremely dry hair with the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Rich Deep-Conditioning Treatment. Now in a new, travel-friendly size, it is specially formulated for Afro-Caribbean or Caucasian hair that is over-processed and damaged. Providing intense hydration, the conditioning ingredients really make a difference to dry and porous hair. Olive oil locks in moisture to add bounce and shine, whilst hydrolised elastin strengthens and adds elasticity to your hair.”

The hair mask

Upon first impressions, I was really surprised at just how thick the consistency of the hair mask was. I’d go as far to say that it was on par with Olaplex, if not slightly thicker.

The fact it’s thick meant that a little did really go along way, and I’ve managed to make my small 30ml sample tub last me for almost a month. It actually smelt quite perfumed too, which I know isn’t for everyone, but I personally really liked it.

I applied it to the lengths and ends of my hair
I applied it to the lengths and ends of my hair

I evenly distributed the product onto the lengths and ends of my hair and avoided the root, and tied it up with a bobble to keep it all in place. It’s actually advised to wear something like a shower cap to keep all the product nice and packed into your hair, but I didn’t have one on this occasion.

It’s advised to leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, but ‘the longer the better’ so I left my mask on for just under an hour to really get that extra hydration. I applied the mask before shampooing, rinsed it off in the shower and was amazed at how utterly soft my hair felt.

Usually my hair feels like straw before conditioner and it’s so hard to get a brush through it, but this mask made my hair feel like silk in just under an hour with zero conditioner! This stuff was truly a miracle worker, and it also left my hair smelling amazing.

The verdict

After just one use I could already feel a significant difference in my hair. It felt silky, smooth, and had a really nice shine to it. I could easily run my brush through my wet hair (which is very rare) and I felt like I’d just walked out of the salon.

My hair was so silky and shiny after use
My hair was so silky and shiny after use

If you’re after a hair mask that feels ‘luxurious’ I’d definitely opt for this one by Philip Kingsley. Although the 150ml size comes in at a hefty fee of £35, I truly think it’s worth it because a little goes a long way.

I’ve been using mine for almost a month now and I’m starting to notice less hair loss and breakage, and a generally softer head of hair. You can purchase the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer intensive treatment here.

Although the £15.60 75ml option is currently sold out, there are other sizes available. Keep your eye out for more stock here.

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