Home Bargains’ £6.99 item shoppers want for new Christmas trend

Shoppers are desperate to get their hands on this simple £6.99 item to complete the latest Christmas trend – a hot chocolate station.

This latest craze has seen people sharing pictures of their hot chocolate stations all over Facebook.

The stations are usually a dedicated spot in the kitchen where you have everything on hand to whip up the warming winter treats.

The preparation area usually features decanters full of hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles and gingerbread alongside Christmas mugs.

But it’s this Home Bargains three-tiered decorative glass jar that shoppers are searching for to complete the look.

When one member of the Home Bargains Appreciation group shared a post on Facebook saying that the three-layered jar was back in stock, lots of people replied saying how hard it was to get hold of one.

One said: “Omg just what I need can’t get em where I am.”

Another said: “I been searching my area for these,” while another wrote: “I’m after these, why can’t they be online too,” while another lady said: “Need those to do a hot chocolate station.”

One shopper added: “My store have never had these!! I so want one lol.”

But some were lucky and had managed to pick up the jar, Becky Hilton posted a picture (above) of hers full of candy canes, hot chocolate and marshmallows saying: “Got mine today.”

And another shopper said: “Liverpool store by Costco had loads yesterday both sizes they are by the wedding jars.”

One customer added: “If I come home with another jar I think the other half will be sticking me in it!”

Last month, Home Bargains delighted shoppers by confirming the return of its much-loved Snow Fairy Gin, which comes in a gift set for £9.99, with some shoppers suggesting that it smells so good they wanted to ‘wear it’.

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