Flying ant scenes ‘like horror film’ as swarms plague Merseyside

Flying ant scenes 'like horror film' as swarms plague Merseyside

Flying Ant Day took over Merseyside for a spell this afternoon as gardens and cars were inundated with hordes of insects.

Hundreds of people took to social media to post about the creatures, with some even saying they had to “run for cover”.

Every summer, swarms of the insects come out of their nests to mate, with millions of flying ants come out at the same time all over the country.

But despite Flying Ant Day being something of an annual phenomenon, that didn’t make people on Merseyside any less disgusted by the sudden invasion.

Nicola Andrews tweeted to say: “Definitely flying ant day here and what’s with the seagulls? Like a Hitchcock movie in my garden.”

While seagulls and flying ants might not seem related, there is a bizarre link between the two that can be spotted in coastal locations like Merseyside.

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Mirror Online reports seagulls have been “getting drunk” feasting on flying ants.

Dr Rebecca Nesbit, an entomologist with the Society of Biology, has said the ants produce formic acid which can “stupefy” the gulls. She said the amount eaten could explain why gulls were not flying away from danger quickly.

But it was the flying ants rather than the seagulls that caused irritation and fear for most people in the region.

Natalie Jane Parry said: “As if ants weren’t annoying enough they go and stick wings on them.”

Kerrie Bell said: “I’ve just had loads them in my living room – not impressed.”

Lynn Marie Roscoe said: “Had loads today.”

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When Flying Ant Day does arrive, swarms of insects can be seen flying through the air, landing on trees, grass, homes and cars.

One Facebook user said: “We had them in our garden – tonnes of them I’m not a fan to be honest”, while another posted to say: “It was like a horror film, them all over the car.”

Another person, who was in New Brighton this afternoon when the ants descended, said: “Loads down The Dips today, they’re horrible things.”

A Merseyside resident who was unlucky enough to find the creatures inside posted: “Yes all over my house. Freaking me out”, while another woman said: “Front garden full, flying ants they are the worst,they bite, boiling hot water, sort them out.”

One woman simply wrote: “Yes Chester Zoo.”

Many people seemed surprised by how suddenly the swarms appeared, with one woman posting: “Yes, none this morning or early afternoon, then suddenly 4pm and boom they’re everywhere!”

While many claimed the insects hung around “all afternoon”, they seemed to have disappeared from most areas by early evening.

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