DJ went from working in a dentist to partying in Ibiza and with BBC Radio 1

An up and coming DJ has said she now feels free to focus on her music after a few whirlwind years.

Hannah Laing, a 28-year-old DJ and producer from Dundee, is performing in Liverpool next weekend. Specialising in high-energy techno music, Hannah has performed in clubs and festivals across the country.

It all started for Hannah when, after a childhood listening to her parent’s favourite 1990s rave music, she started clubbing as a teenager. Soon, she was performing live at a tiny pub in Arbroath aged 18.

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A year later, she headed out to Ibiza to earn a bit of money working in a bar. She ended up securing a regular slot at a Scottish bar in San Antonio. Hannah said: “I wasn’t expecting to DJ, just to work in a bar. That opened up a lot of doors for me.”

Hannah was soon spotted by BBC Introducing and ended up performing at the Radio 1 Big Weekend last May. However, she couldn’t give music her full attention as she was still working full-time at her dental practice.

Hannah said: “I was touring every weekend and still working at the dentist full-time because I wanted to be in a stable enough position to leave. I had to go to the music studio on weekdays after work. I’d be there until 1am.”

The moment that stability came was after a performance at Creamfields last September, which drew significant interest. Hannah said: “That’s when I really blew up. I started getting so many bookings and that’s when I knew it was the right time to leave. Instead of getting one or two bookings a week, I was getting three or four.”

Musician Hannah Laing previously worked as a dentist
Musician Hannah Laing previously worked as a dentist
(Image: Hannah Laing)

Hannah left dentistry the following month and hasn’t looked back since. She said: “Leaving was the best feeling ever, I feel so free now. Now I can wake up with a fresh head and go to the studio.”

The musician performed at the Radio 1 Big Weekend again on Friday, this time headlining the dance stage in her hometown of Dundee. Hannah remains excited to return to the Invisible Wind Factory in the Ten Streets area after supporting Newcastle DJ Ben Hemsley last May.

Hannah said: “It’s such a good venue. I didn’t want to do it anywhere else in the city.”

She is also excited to play in front of a Scouse audience once again. She said: Every time I’ve played in Liverpool before, it’s been crazy. I love the Scousers and everyone has a party.”

Within that Scouse crowd, it’s possible that Hannah’s rave loving parents might be present relieving their youth. She said: “They’re my biggest influences and still come to my shows now, they love it. They can’t believe they used to see some of these DJs back in the day, and now I’m playing with them.”

Hannah will be performing at the Invisible Wind Factory on June 2 and 3. Both shows have sold out, but you can sign up to the ticket waiting list here.

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