Aldi’s £6.99 Specialbuy almost identical to £23 Next version

Budget retailer Aldi is known for its bargain prices and must-have Specialbuys, and one of its latest releases may look very familiar.

As always, Aldi releases its Specialbuys on Thursdays and Sundays and this week was no different.

Shoppers were quick to get their hands on Aldi’s new Avenue ladies grey fur sliders – and they look almost exactly like a pair from Next.

(Image: Aldi)

The new sliders, which come in grey or pink, are priced at £6.99 and have already sold out online.

The slippers feature a cork base, moulded footbeds for extra comfort and a plush faux fur strap.

High street retailer Next offers sliders which are eerily similar to Aldi’s, but come in at £23.

Next’s version also has a cork base, moulded footbeds and a faux fur strap, though the base is white, rather than grey like Aldi’s.

You can shop Next’s version here.

Shoppers can save themselves around £16 in the run up to Christmas by purchasing Aldi’s version of the slippers.

Aldi’s Avenue ladies fur sliders are currently sold out online in grey, though shoppers can check stores.

The pink version of the sliders are available online and instore now.

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