Aldi shoppers keen on ‘cute’ SpecialBuy mermaid sleepover teepee

Shoppers are keen to get hold of a ‘cute’ mermaid-themed teepee perfect for a kids slumber party.

The recent trend for tented sleepover parties during lockdown has seen small businesses spring up offering themed teepees and tents complete with cool accessories like lanterns and decorations.

Now Aldi is selling the must-have item – the Little Town Mermaid Sleepover Kit.

The package comes with a solid wooden frame, mermaid-themed canvas cover, a wooden tray table, decorative bunting, a plush cushion, a chalkboard and an instruction manual for £49.99.

The SpecialBuy item which is due to go on sale tomorrow at the time of publication was available for pre-orders although some shoppers on Facebook were finding it difficult to order.

Donna messaged her friend: “I can’t find it, it doesn’t bring it up when you click on the link. You see if you can find it xx,” to which her friend replied: “It’s sold out I think x”

Laura said: “Bet they’ll sell out quick.”

Danielle wrote: “I’ve just been looking at them how cute.”

Nicola commented: “This is cute,” and Emma added: “How cute are they.”

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Cindy said to her friend that they could buy the themed sleepover kit ‘instead of hiring’.

Her friend wrote back: “I’m just looking at it now it’s such a bargain xxx.”

Emma added: “This is so cool xx

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