ADVERTORIAL: Over 600 TrustPilot reviews puts CBDiablo on the map

We’ve all heard of CBD products by now.

It’s not a new thing. But on the market, there are so many different variations, products, flavours and strengths, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you to try.

If you know your CBD products inside out, or you’re in the market to add some to your daily routine, it helps to gain some advice from other users as to what you should be looking out for, what you should be avoiding, and how to get the best value for your money.

Of course, you could ask your friends and family if they’re CBD fans, but nothing beats an honest review of people who already purchase the products. And when there are over 600 reviews all falling in the ‘excellent’ category, that can bring with it a level of reliability.

Edinburgh-based CBDiablo is not new to the market. The team, made up of Sam Williamson and Ian McLaren, has been running since 2019, and they are passionate about all things CBD, and even more passionate about their hundreds of happy customers .

With over 600 TrustPilot reviews deeming the products and company as ‘excellent’, it’s no surprise that the pair take their business very seriously. With an estimated 466 CBD brands operating in the UK , it’s a competitive market. So it pays to do your research, read reviews and learn more about it.

Here is a selection of reviews from happy CBDiablo customers.

Sam and Ian are uncompromising with what they use for their products. They are constantly listening to customers to see what matters to them, tailor their products to fit and follow the science to ensure they’re always by the book, and creating a valuable product. They just want to produce the very best for their customers.

Currently you can choose from 500mg/5% CBD oil (Dina) and Full Spectrum 1000mg/10% CBD oil (Diablo) full spectrum hemp seed oils, 1500mg/15% CBD oil (Dian) and 2000mg/20% CBD oil (Deity) . CBD in MCT oil and a raw hemp extract paste. There’s also soon be CBD capsules/pills and CBD Concentrates and you can already pick up THC free CBD sprays ( 2.5% , 5% & 7.5% ).

Help for beginners

Are you new to CBD? You’re in safe hands with CBDiablo.

On their blog, you can read all about CBD , how to start, what to look out for and how much you can add to your diet. There’s a daily dose guide in there too which details how to start and what products are available for you to purchase depending on what you’re looking for.

CBDiablo are also advocates for good mental health. Sam and Ian see this as a vitality important aspect of their business. So much so, that 20 per cent of their profits go towards mental health charities.

To find out more about CBDiablo, visit the website at . You can also find out more about the products, and what Sam and Ian are doing in the world of CBD on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

CBD products are not suitable for those under the age of 18.

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