58 of the best PTs in Liverpool to follow during lockdown

It’s fair to say 2020 has not been easy for anyone especially for those who are self employed and forced to stop working due to the new tougher restrictions.

For a while, it felt like we may have passed the worst of the pandemic but with the Liverpool City Region now officially classed as ‘very high risk’, it is easy to feel like we are going backwards.

However, this year has proved how good the people of Liverpool and the city region are at coming together in tough times.

And many people have continued to exercise, practice their hobbies and change their mindset, whilst being told to stay at home.

Personal trainers from across Liverpool have dedicated their time to hosting live exercise classes, most of the time for free too, to help those who needed a boost.

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For anyone who may be dreading the thought of another six months of restrictions, we asked our readers to nominate their favourite personal trainers from across the city.

We have rounded-up all of the nominations below so if you’re maybe looking for some motivation or wanting a way of keeping fit whilst the gyms are closed you can take a look at their accounts and see how they can help you.

These were the nominations – if you know of any which are missing from this list – let us know in the comments below.

Chloe Hinnigan

Throughout lockdown Chloe ran classes three times a week from her Instagram account purely to help her followers.

Her classes were completely free and were watched by hundreds of people.

Her Instagram account is @trainyourbrain_tyb and as well as being a personal trainer Chloe is dedicated to helping her clients feel better about themselves from the inside.

Hayley Bell

Hayley prides herself on helping women to enjoy the process of exercise.

Through her Instagram account @hayleyy_pt, she regularly shares meal ideas, exercise tips and is an advocate for getting rid of the “fad diets” and instead creating healthy lifestyle habits.

Laura Cannon

Laura is the co-founder of Mindful Movement which is an online workout programme.

Her Instagram account is filled with videos from the gym and showing workout ideas for those struggling with where to begin.

You can follow her Instagram @mindfulmuscle.

Luke Powell

Luke’s Shred Fast programme has a huge following and his aim is to “help change people’s lives for the better”. He guarantees 100% results if followed correctly and the before and after pictures he shares are pretty impressive.

You can follow him on Instagram @shred.fast

John Kaufman

John believes in the ultimate training goal being for long term health and fitness.

Along with Laura he co-founded Mindful Movement. Through his Instagram he often gives tips and tricks for those wanting to workout at home.

His Instagram account is @progresspt_

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Aaron Turner

Aaron is a personal trainer and a lifestyle coach with four years experience.

He will regularly post home workouts for his followers to try all which are completely free for people to have a go at.

You can follow Aaron @aaronturner_pt

Harriet Igglesden

Known to her 12,000 Instagram followers as The Gym Bird, Harriet has successfully became one of the city’s most-loved (& feared) personal trainers.

During lockdown, Harriet hosted live workouts for anyone who wished to join and later went on to create her sell-out 21 Day Challenge which continues to help those looking to lose weight or just feel better about themselves from the comfort of their own home.

One user described Harriet as “more than a PT” and thanked her for “keeping her sane during this weird time”.

You can follow Harriet on Instagram @thegymbird

Mark Scanlon

Mark’s positivity and encouragement is quickly earning him a huge reputation, for all the right reasons.

The former MMA fighter encourages people to ‘win their mornings’ and used his Instagram to post mantras, and messages to his followers about mindsets which have helped him achieve his success.

His Instagram is @markscano

The Zone Personal Training

The Zone received multiple nominations from ECHO readers. It is ran by Lauren Caffrey and Emily Stevenson.

Throughout lockdown, they held free workouts three times a week in a bid to help their followers.

Depending what type of exercise regime you are after, The Zone offers a range of programme all which can be done from home and online.

Whilst the gyms are shut both trainers will be running Zoom workouts as well as a free live workout every Friday morning on Taskers Sports Instagram which can be found here.

You can follow Lauren’s Instagram @thezone_personaltraining and Emily’s @emilystevensonpt

Richie Swan

Throughout the national full lockdown earlier this year, Richie set up his “Richie Kitchen” offering HIIT classes completely free, to help keep people fit whilst the gyms were closed.

Now gyms are closed once again, he is offering his classes, five days a week.

You can drop him a message to find out more about his programmes on his Instagram @richie.swan

Carl Naylor

Carl Naylor is a boxing coach based at Derby Lane gym in Old Swan.

His clients include some of the most-demand personal trainers in Liverpool. During the UK’s full lockdown earlier this year he even set up outdoor sessions, when guidelines allowed him to, to help keep his clients keep fit.

You can follow Carl on Instagram @carlnaylor_fitness

Elle Clark

Last year, Elle Clark opened her own reformer pilates studio in North Liverpool.

11 Pilates is based in Aintree and offers a range of classes from small groups to private sessions.

Her studio is one of the most in-demand across Liverpool, with her clients praising her for offering tough workouts in an enjoyable way.

You can take a look at the studio’s Instagram and find out more about its classes for when it is allowed to reopen @11pilates_

Matt Welsh

Anyone who has visited North Liverpool’s Hotfit Gym will know Matt. He is the manager at the gym based in Aintree.

Hotfit offers clients the chance to train in 30 degree heat with classes including HIIT-style ones as well as Spin.

It is even popular with footballers, with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher among those who have trained at Hotfit.

Matt recently took to his Instagram account to reassure his followers Hotfit would be moving classes online whilst the gyms are closed. Matt will also be offering PT sessions through Zoom.

During his announcement, Matt reassured those who may feel they can’t afford private PT to not worry about cost as he was more concerned with helping them to stay help physically and mentally.

You can follow Matt on Instagram @matt13welsh

Connor O’Brien

Connor O’Brien is the own of Absolute Body Solutions. He has gyms based in Speke, Liverpool city centre and Manchester.

Connor runs the Instagram account for his gyms, which means followers can often find workout ideas as well as healthy meal options too.

Whilst the gyms are closed Connor has launched a ‘lockdown lean up’ programme to help people stay fit.

You can find out more about it and follow the Instagram page @absolutebodysolutions

John Clarke

John Clarke is a personal trainer usually based at G42 Studios.

He also specialises in online nutrition offering clients help without them needing to visit a gym.

You can follow John on Instagram @johnclarkept

Stacey Mcguire

Stacey Mcguire is a personal trainer and runs classes at both Hotfit Gym and Rise Fitness Studios.

When the country when into full lockdown earlier this year, Stacey along with Matt Welsh offered free live workouts through Hotfit’s Instagram twice a week.

After the confirmation gyms would be closing once again, Stacey took to Instagram to say: “Don’t let stress and anxiety of the unknown take over (Reminder to myself also)
“Right now health and exercise is more important than ever, physically and mentally.”

She will be offering Zoom training sessions and classes whilst gyms are closed.

You can follow her on Instagram @staceymcguire

Darcy Fitness

Darcy is a female only personal trainer based in Liverpool.

Her Instagram is filled workouts for her followers to try for themselves as well as tips and advice for anyone not sure where to start or what type of meals they should be eating.

You can follow her on Instagram @darcyfitness_

Jodie Kinnear

Jodie Kinnear offers both 1-2-1 training sessions of group training too depending what you’re after.

She is based in Evolve in Ormskirk although she is from Liverpool herself.

Her Instagram gives followers workout ideas for both inside the gym and at home too.

You can follow her on Instagram @jodiekinnearpt

Phil Downing

Online coach Phil Downing promises to “get people in the best shape of their life”.

His Instagram account has more than 16,000 followers and he is the co-founder of The Athletic Method which is a training programme set to launch soon.

You can follow Phil on Instagram @phildowningonlinecoach

Holly Braithwaite & Callum Webb

Personal trainers Holly and Callum were nominated by many ECHO readers. We’ve group them both together because as well as running their own successful businsess training clients, many people praised them for the money they raised during lockdown.

On Instagram, one person said: “Kept the city going with their free online workouts throughout the last lockdown and donating a huge amount doing so. Absolute kindness at its best.”

Earlier this year, when the gym classed for the first time, both Holly and Callum raised more than £11,000 for NHS charities by offering free workouts to all of their combined followers, asking them to donate as little or as much as they wanted to after each session.

You can follow Holly on Instagram @holly.braithwaitept and Callum on Instagram @calwebbfitness

Paul Bentley

Paul has been described as the “best PT ever” and has been praised for helping his clients with weight management and helping them deal with low self esteem too.

One of his clients said Paul is now a life long friend to them.

You can follow him on Instagram @ptpaulbentley

Charl Mitchell

Charl Mitchell is a personal trainer who was previously based in Maghull Healh Studios until earlier this year.

Her Instagram is filled with client transformations as well as meal ideas for anyone struggling to understand what they should be eating.

You can follow her on Instagram @charlm_fit

Mel Ferg

Mel is a personal trainer who usually works at Dedicated Fitness in Huyton.

She was nominated on Instagram by @rachb963 who said: “the most positive person, always encouraging and goes above and beyond for her clients.”

You can follow Mel on Instagram @melferg_pt

Jo Ratcliffe

Jo is an online personal trainer. She aims to help women “fall in love with their fitness and health”.

She specialises in pre and post natal training.

You can follow her on Instagram @joratcliffept

Jay Standish

Jay is a personal trainer based at Derby Lane gym in Old Swan.

Since the announcement that confirmed gyms were closing again, he updated his Instagram to let his followers know he would be hosting free live workouts starting from Monday, October 19.

He will offer the workouts for free ahead of his new Christmas countdown programme starting at the end of the month.

You can follow him on Instagram @stand.out.fitness

Liv White

Liv White works at Absolute Body Solutions’ Speke gym with her Instagram feed regularly updated with workout ideas or clips of sessions with clients.

When we asked our readers to nominate their favourite personal trainers in Liverpool, Instagram user @laya94x said: “@livabspt best personal trainer in Liverpool even drops Easter eggs off for the kids.”

Another user described Liv as the “best PT ever”.

You can follow her on Instagram @livabspt

Gareth Burke

Gareth is another trainer who works for Absolute Body Solutions. Gareth is manager of the brand’s Liverpool city centre gym.

He was nominated by Patrick Mcbride who said: “Gareth Burke is not only an amazing PT but an absolute gent. Even when it’s prowler time.”

Another user described Gareth as the ‘the only PT they trust’

You can follow Gareth @garethabspt

Paul Long

Paul Long runs Longevity Fitness and promises to help men and women lose weight and improve their body composition without having to sacrifice their social lives.

He offers online programmes for clients and often fills his Instagram with tips for eating healthy.

His Instagram is @longevity__fitness

Kevin Poole

Kevin was another trainer nominated by many readers. Kevin describes himself as a “transformation specialist” and focuses on his clients physical and mental health.

On Instagram user @fernlatham said: “I don’t even have to explain why just take a look at his profile and read some of the lives he’s changed.

“He’s the best PT out there in my opinion forever putting other before himself and I know in lockdown he helped hundreds of people doing free classes five days a week”

You can follow him on Instagram @kevinpoolefitness

Lee Siemaszko

Lee is a personal trainer and a sports masseur in Liverpool. His Instagram is regularly filled with healthy food ideas.

Since the gyms were closed this week, Lee has started offering 45-minute workouts through Zoom for £5.

If you want to get involved you can follow Lee on Instagram @leesiemaszko

Sharon Dolan

Sharon prides herself on having a passion for fitness and hope to empower women to feel better about themselves as well as training them to feel overall healthier.

You can follow Sharon on Instagram @shazzadpt1

Anna Williams

Anna is a Level 2 and 3 qualified personal trainer. Earlier this month she launched her ‘Isolation Sculpt’ programme made up of 15 workouts designed to be completed at home with no equipment needed.

The programme also includes a nutrition guide too.

For more details or to follow Anna her Instagram is @annawilliams_pt

Emma Riley

Emma says fitness is her passion and she aims to help people feel confident in both their mind and their body.

She usually run classes at KC Fight Base in Kirkby.

You can follow her on Instagram @_erfitness

Daniel Palmer

Daniel Palmer is a personal trainer usually based at Pioneer Fitness in Bootle.

The gym has a reputation for putting its clients through their paces and offering tough workouts.

You can follow Daniel on Instagram @danielpalmerpt

Michelle Murray

Michelle is a personal trainer who specialises in strength and conditioning training as well as offering clients nutritional advice too.

She is usually based at Harriet McGuffie Fitness studios on Woolton Road.

Her Instagram is filled with client tranformations and workout ideas.

You can follow her @michellemurray.pt.619

Martin Malone

Known as Pt Malone to his Instagram followers, Martin says he can help people have more energy and a body they can feel proud of by keeping his methods simple and stress free.

He has a website which offers clients key information they need when they start his programmes.

You can follow him @ptmalone

Skye Bleu Fitness

This Instagram account is dedicated to helping busy women who may usually feel like they don’t have the time to workout or eat right.

Skye prides herself on offering clients realistic diets without restrictions.

You can follow her on Instagram @skyebleu_fitness

AOM Fitness Liverpool

AOM Fitness was praised by many in our Instagram comments.

User @meganwilliams66 said: “My favourite place to come, both mentally and physically”

Another said: “the best”

You can follow them on Instagram @aomfitness_liverpool

Below, the list continues with direct links to even more personal trainer’s Instagram accounts:

Vicky Yee – @vickyyee1

Jack Smith – @liverpoolhealthandwellbeing

Laura Morris – @lauraj_m_

Saeed Olayiwola – @Saeed Olayiwola

Richard Franklin – @thefranklinmethod

Amy Brett – @amybrettpt

Tom Farrell – @fazzas_fitness

Alex Youd – @ayfitness__

Sian Mooney – @slm_fitness_

Lucinda Braithwaite – @lucinda_braithwaite_pt

Chris Durcan – @chris_dfitness

Aimee Ormesher – @aimeeormesher

Rob Ryan – @robryanpersonaltraining

Harriet McGuffie – @harriet_mcguffie_pt

Maria Dawe – @mariadawept

Conor O’Brien – @cobrienfitness

Derry Mathews – @derrymathews1

Jay Harris – @jayharrispt

Erin Taylor – @erinsfittlife

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